Co-Managed IT Perth

Our Co-Managed service model is ideally tailored to businesses needing a custom solution.

Sharing your responsibilities.

Co-managed IT is a model for organizations that have already set up their in-house infrastructures. However, in-house departments often can’t get their hands on the latest and greatest resources
available on the market. Plus, handling all the tasks associated with large organizations’ IT infrastructure can be a tedious task for a small, in-house department. 

Our co-managed IT model helps you keep your existing, in-house resources, and combines them with our up-to-date, outsourced resources.

Optimise your efficiency by handpicking the services you outsource

As you already have an IT infrastructure in place, you don’t need to outsource an entire package. Instead, we let you handpick the services your in-house department can’t provide, ensuring you only pay for what you need from us.

Make the most out of your in-house IT infrastructure

As a co-managed IT service, our aim is not to replace your existing IT infrastructure, but to complement and enhance it. 

We fill the gaps by providing services that your in-house teams cannot, ensuring you’re making the most out of them while hiring us only for the services you need.

Here’s how it works

Working with our co-managed IT model is as easy as it gets. Here’s how you can get started.

Our co-managed IT services are flexible. As your requirements and needs change over time, you can alter the services you outsource from us to meet your new needs.

We take the weight off your shoulders.

Top to Bottom Management

Teams may be struggling to meet the complex demands in juggling IT system analysis, understanding industry requirements, cybersecurity, cloud computing, VoIP, hardware upgrades, software subscription and so much more. 

We are part of your team.

Need a complex IT requirement that you think could benefit from our help? Let’s jump on a call and see just how we can provide the solution to your problem

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