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There still exists a great deal of misconceptions around cloud computing and it’s fair to say that not all cloud solutions are equal. 

Cloud is the now, the present and the future.

From streamlining your company’s backend processes to landing new customers, cloud services are useful in dozens of scenarios. Any organisation that doesn’t utilize the cloud and relies on outdated methods of storing and working with data is simply left behind.

At Attained, we have worked hard to establish a reliable cloud computing infrastructure to help your organisation leverage the power of cloud services in Perth.

Premium cloud solutions

Attained IT, you can be assured that we’ve established a premium reliable cloud infrastructure where your data is fully protected via industry best-practice encryption. The agility that cloud computing provides is far superior to traditional server platforms. We’ve developed a seamless migration methodology which ensures an effortless transition from your end.

State-of-the-art cloud services for your emerging business

Our cloud services in Perth are built around the idea of helping Australian organisations utilize the best technologies at affordable prices. We have the options and knowledge to help you select the right services that fit your needs. 

We are always on top of the tech we use; updating and upgrading our systems wherever possible to ensure your organisation always meets the industry standards.

Security, reliability & tailored

Your data is protected by industry-standard encryption, making sure you never have to worry about data security or information privacy. Furthermore, our services are built to be reliable with minimum downtime and effortless monitoring. There’s no one-size-fits-all terminology in cloud computing as every organisation’s needs vary.
That’s why we have several types of cloud services incorporated into our portfolio. Public, private,
hybrid, Sharepoint, Office 365, backup & restore — you name it.

Here’s how it works

Personal analysis

We analyse your business to determine whether your organisation even needs cloud services. If it does, we find out the best cloud solution for your specific use case.

Effortless migration

Migrating to the cloud could be a tedious task if not done right. Luckily, our professional migration team is there to assist you at every step of the process. We transfer your data to the cloud and set up your services effortlessly.

Saved costs

While investing in the cloud infrastructure may feel like an extra cost at first, it eventually translates to a long-term, cost-saving strategy. Cloud optimizes your processes and streamlines your business model so you can keep saving money later on.

Pay for what you need.

Our cloud services are scalable — plus, they’re tailored to your needs, making sure you never have to pay for services you don’t use. Handpick your required services, work with us to implement the system, and pay only for what you use.

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