Attained are leaders in building and deploying unique solutions across a variety of enterprises to improve performance and efficiency of day to day business.

A partner to harness the power of change

We are Perth’s premier IT company. We write, manage and implement the best IT solutions for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we stay ahead of the game right from the start. We treat you as an individual, not just with respect but also with passion. You might think that IT is not your forte but at attained, we give you the freedom to be innovative “you” and reap all the rewards of freedom. At attained, we pride ourselves on tailor made IT solutions allowing us to provide unparalleled IT services to the wider business community of Perth and Western Australia.

There is an increasing need for tech professionals in Perth, and below is the team that will guide your business to achieving the required goals so that it can grow. by offering IT solutions with a difference, ensuring that the solutions we are providing to you are fit for purpose and valuable to your business.

Our Team

Paul Arch

Chief Executive Officer

Liam Gale

Chief Technical Officer

Blake Burton

Chief Financial Officer

Lewis Carpenter

Project Team Lead

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Why choose us?

Attained provides it’s IT support with 5 basic principles ensuring our customers get the best possible IT service.


True partnership consists of building an impenetrable fortress of trust, developed over time. It isn’t established through vacuous words but through deeds that evidence real commitment and care. We understand that it takes times to build lasting relationships and for you to gain the trust that creates real partnership. The long-term clients that we have are testament to the level of respect that we shar.

Fit for purpose

No cookie-cutter ‘packaged’ approach here. We take the time to listen deeply to your challenges and your vision, and only once we’ve accurately deciphered and assimilated all the information relevant to your enterprise do we embark on developing an authentic solutions framework.


We’re thorough. They’ll be no black holes. You’ll experience a stream of clear communication that leaves no room for ambiguity or confusion. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and share the information in non-tech speak. We’ve engineered our systems and methodologies to ensure all team members are detailed and thorough across every aspect.


While cost is a key consideration, we’re very mindful of the opportunity costs and downtime that businesses experience when the IT solutions are not as robust and efficient as they should be. Therefore we are conscious about delivering real value over time and we encourage our client to approach their IT platforms with a similar mindset.

We take the lead.

We’re proactive and we continually look to improve our service to each of our clients. Sometimes this can mean a minor tweak, other times a significant recalibration. We don’t wait for issues to arise. We circumvent them by being hyper-vigilant in monitoring our service delivery.

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